4-25-20      ALOHA


Growing up at The Community Church of Honolulu, the reference to a Stillspeaking God was taught and resonates strongly to this very day.  How the bible scriptures and teachings are relevant in today’s world.  Their lessons applicable to the ‘why, what and how’ in deciding your daily actions from moment to moment.  Living life or more so, how you are choosing to live life.  


Pre COVID-19; it felt like summer school or the once-in-a-lifetime period between graduation and the start of your first job of employment.  Choosing was easy and accountability barely entered into your lifestyle.


With the striking of the COVID-19 virus, pandemic and shut down has and continues to dominate and rule.  Managing the signs, symptoms and spread of the medical diagnosis is the headline around the world. 


How lucky we live in Hawai’i.  How lucky we live ALOHA.  


May Day is here.  The timing could not be as perfect.  May Day is lei day in Hawaii. In addition to Sunday school came lessons just down the road at Maemae Elementary School.  As in the scriptures, the lessons of May Day and ALOHA included ‘ordinary’ people, relationships, culture, worship of god(s), celebration, love and forgiveness.  People from different walks of life living together.  At times in balance and harmony and at others in chaos and strife.  Lessons would emerge from a classroom teacher or kapuna on different paths that could have led to a different and wiser outcome.  Most importantly, for the benefit of others beyond oneself..  At eight years old then and now sixty-four, how lucky to have a life guiding force in ALOHA. 


How lucky we live in Hawai’i.   How lucky we live AlOHA. 


ALOHA - our daily presence and action ring true the meaning and intent.  Easily recognized and easily NOT recognized.  Feeling stupid when pointed out and uplifted when dished out. Remarkably, having a general understanding across generations, ethnic groups visitors and kamaainas.  Not exclusive and intended for inclusivity. As contagious as COVID-19; worldwide and in all of creation.  Acts of ALOHA nurture our soul and add mindfulness in the safety and care for others.  Pausing before taking action and living in the moment.  An awareness that we are all in this together. Being community for the community.  Has COVID-19 produced a new normal?  YES, awakening each day you are welcomed to a new normal. We have our choices.  Embrace one self, thy neighbor and each glorious day.  Loving and growing in ALOHA!  


A reflection in gratitude for ALOHA.  


Arthur Lum, P.T. 

© 2016 Sunrise Foundation Hawaii