Being Hopeful – a reflection


The year 2020 in a way began with the rumors of another world war.  In a way, the world is at a different kind of war.  It feels like the world stood still at once!

It seems like fear gripped every fabric of our lives as I write this. People hardly greet each other. We are afraid to hug and shake hand not knowing who might be carrying the virus.  Instead of usual smiles, suspicious looks emerged all over the community.  We have witnessed people fighting over who gets that last roll of toilet paper! 


The current situation in the world has affected our physical, social, economic, intellectual, moral, religious and spiritual lives.  It is during the times like these, our faith is discussed more than ever.  Some feel isolated and disconnected from God while others feel more close to God than ever.  What does it mean to be hopeful despite what is going on in this world at the present time?


Hope is often equated with being optimistic.  Meaning, things will turn out okay.  There is nothing wrong with that thinking.  It helps to keep moving.  St. Paul in the Bible reminds his people that we are called to be the people of Hope.  As the people of hope, we are called to be the channels of hope despite our own despair. 


Being Hopeful is a lifelong journey, not a destination. It is a journey of being open to what God brings for that day, for that hour or for that moment.  We embrace it with hope trusting that God will help us to carry it through.  We can only do that not because things will be okay, but because things are in God’s hands to whom we surrender our wills. 


JP Sabbithi, pastor

Joy of Christ Lutheran Church

Pearl City

© 2016 Sunrise Foundation Hawaii