It was a magnificent evening when seventeen of us gathered at the oceanfront home of the Maryknoll Sisters in Lanikai. Photos can be viewed in the slide show. We laughed as we greeted one another, soaked in the renewing energies from the Pacific Ocean, feasted on a sumptuous potluck meal, and felt our spirits soar by the thoughtful and creative presentations of Sister Bitrina Kirway, Sister Joan Chatfield, and Sister Yoo Soo Kim. It was a blessed prelude to Holy Week.

FEEDBACK FROM SOME WHO CAME, in the order when they were received.….

Special thanks for a moving evening. To hear the personal sacrifices, journeys and spiritual commitments of the Maryknoll Sisters was so impressive. Another Hawaiian Kahu friend also shared the deeper meaning of Aloha as emptying of one’s breath, the receiving of another’s breath and the openness to receive the mana of others. Their “no two alike” was another interesting concept as they seem to embrace their differences and embody tolerance, compassion and humanitarianism.

David Laeha

The instant fellowship that occurred amongst friends and new acquaintances was meaningful and fun. The invitation to share new songs for our evolving family of Sunrisers was a pleasure to fulfill.

Thanks, Sisters, for sharing your stories and enlightening our understanding of the mission of the Maryknoll order of Catholic compassion. The shoreline outdoor sunset was such a beautiful setting to enjoy a peaceful dinner.

Malama pono ka kou e malama kou kino. Take care of your Spirt and body.

Michael Yano

Appreciated the evening full of sharing talents, passion, service, prayers, support and friendship. Potluck dishes were delicious and nourishing. Gentle breezes, ocean view, full moon and sun setting were so beautiful. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience joy among us. God was with us. His calling, faith and enduring love was truly felt. Thank you!

Jenny Son

‘Twas a beautiful evening spent in “My Mother’s Garden”. The beautiful Lanikai oceanfront setting set the mood for a wonderful gathering of friends sitting in an intimate circle. It truly was an awakening of all of our senses – eating delicious foods, listening to beautiful music, moving poetry, and inspiring stories of 3 courageous Maryknoll Sisters, admiring beautiful paintings, sharing person journeys and engaging in mindful meditation. I came away with my spirit renewed and refreshed.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Sharlene Yamauchi

Jim said “it was terrific- a real experience. I got an understanding that I never had of what service to humankind the Maryknoll order provides, and the gentle manner in which they do. It was really enlightening.”

We both thank the sisters for their gracious welcome and for opening their home to us and sharing their journeys. Their sharing motivated us to think about our own lives and goals and re-examine our priorities.

Carol Ohta

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