Comments of the New Year’s Eve celebration:

Jean and I thoroughly enjoyed the New Year’s Eve celebration. I was touched by the reflective sharings and how each sharing was listened to and valued. Perhaps the Japanese phrase, “Kototama no sakiwau kuni” best summarizes my reflection for the event. Where the words were spoken brought encouragement and hope. – Clay Kimoto

It was a wonderful gathering with such a diverse group. As one year flows into the next, we are amazed that another year has gone by, yet so much has happened. This gathering provided us an opportunity to stop and reflect and to appreciate all the good fortune that we have experienced over the past year. May we continue to enjoy good health and embrace opportunities to learn and share our love with one another. – Ron Yamauchi

It was a good way to spend New Year’s Eve. I appreciated the community spirit in which we spoke on so many different levels: fun and interesting, real concerns about aging ad living, and daily problem that can be overcome with insight, patience and adopting new ways of thinking and doing things. I sincerely wish that everyone finds their way through their concerns, that our life gives us the time for reflection and that fortunate circumstances come up when we need them most, guiding us to solutions and the peace that passes all understanding. -Margy Hamai

It was a well organized event yet with much spontaneity. I was amazed. May you all have a blessed New year! - JP Sabbithi (a paraphrase of his comments)

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