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67  (62 at the event and 5 by mail as of 10/17/17) 

Compiled by Sharlene Yamauchi, Ron Yamauchi & Wally Fukunaga on Oct. 15, 2017

Reviewed by Arlene Luster Oct. 16, 2017


1.  What was most meaningful in today’s program and why?

      A large majority responded the keynote address by Dr. John Houk with the following reasons offered:

           Message was lively, practical and personal

           Enjoyed his use of stories of real people coping with challenges of aging

           Valued his message that while “aging is not an option, aging well is”.

           Also, that aging is part of life and should be embraced

           He was down-to earth and very believable

           He spoke in a manner that was easy to understand

           What he said was appropriate for any age group, not just the elderly

           Challenged all to examine and change their lifestyle to enhance the quality of their lives


   The second highest response was the whole event  with following reasons offered:

           The whole program was inspiring and relevant

           Appreciated the participatory nature of the way it was offered

           Like how people were open and shared from the heart

           Valued exposure to different modalities related to health and the quality of life

           Every year the event gets better; several noted,  “This was the best!”

           All was done beautifully because it was done with loving and kind intentions

           Loved meeting people who are excited about living

           Touched by the caring and spirituality of all the participants

           Learned techniques toward achieving a healthy body, mind and spirit

           It was special taking time off from my usual Sat. routine and experience this reflective day

           The positive attitude of all the speakers and participants about life and getting older


The third highest response was break-out sessions, and mainly the workshops. The reasons mentioned will be covered under Question 3.


Other aspects of the day’s program that received appreciative comments were:

          The respondents’ messages- touching and encouraging; however, one person asked whether they might have been omitted to allow more time for the workshops.

          The Puaka`ana o ka lā Award presentation was seen by several as very meaningful and uplifting.  It was observed that they all deserved the recognition bestowed upon them. “Very cool,” noted one.

          Also mentioned was the special music offered by Woody Chock and the Sacred Spiritual Dance by Sr. Yoo Soo Kim.  Several said their presentations really stood out for them and others asked that there be more live art presentations in future programs.



2. How did you respond to the keynote address, respondents and discussion?

Much of the responses relating to the keynote address was covered above since many viewed it as “the most meaningful part of the day’s program”.  But in addition, the following were noted:

       The adjectives, “excellent”, “very positive” and “thought provoking” surfaced repeatedly regarding the keynote address. One simply wrote, “On Point!”

       On the respondents, the following were offered:

       I felt inspired, nourished and more prepared to seek a balance in my life

       Liked the comment of one respondent on surrounding oneself with young people to feel youthful and prolong living

       Practice makes for the good life

       They each gave me hope

       One remarked: “Well done you good and faithful servant”

       Rev. Kawata’s talk was depressing, but it was about real life

       Puanani Burgess’ message that every person is special and we need to build communities that affirm that

       JP was very open and affirming

       Liked the comment that we need to enrich retirement communities connected with family, society, church and friends to avoid loneliness

       Several, however, noted that the responses were too brief

       The discussion that followed was educational and informative

       Made me think of my own mortality and legacy

       We need medical support for body, mind and spirit


3. What workshops did you attend?  Please give a brief evaluation of them.

       (Note: Not all stayed for the afternoon session; also, while most feedback sheets listed 2 workshops, some listed just one, a few none, and one listed four.)

  1. Spirituality & End of Life Issues (JP Sabbithi)                                         10 checks

Very helpful in preparing for end of life

Learned what it felt to be helpless

Made me grateful for life

Appreciated its offering about energy

The group was very cohesive and participatory

Rev. Sabbithi is insightful and delightful


  1. Building the Beloved Community w/Storytelling (Puanani Burgess)  10 checks

Excellent, very useful

Enlightening and highly participatory

It was a beautiful workshop

Puanani is a precious soul

She gave of herself in gentle and caring ways

Hope she will return next year


  1. Sacred Paths of Energy Healing (Ruey Ryburn)                                        20 checks

Excellent explanation-loved the use of visual aids and exercises

Very informational and meaningful, esp. lesson on chakras

Liked the energy of the workshop

Time given was too short

Really appreciate all that she shared

Very energizing


  1. Writing and the Coming Together of the Body, Mind & Spirit (Jim Toyama) 9 checks

Fantastic, great methodology

Learned more than I expected about power of community and love for others

Food for my soul, it was a real treat

Showed how 15 minutes of writing can be a path to wellness

Looking forward to journaling again

Inspirational and encouraging for my own aspirations for writing


  1. Purification, Art, Beauty & Nutrition (Norman Oshiro & MOA volunteers) 10 checks

Greatly appreciated the purification therapy and tea ceremony that were offered

Will follow-up with MOA sessions

Valued the friendliness and caring of the volunteers

Very eye-opening workshop

Different and pleasant

Was greatly touched by the kindness showed by the volunteers


  1. Secrets of Reclaiming Your Health (Leslie Sharp)                                               13 checks

Leslie Sharp was open and engaging

I got it!

We got to take ownership over our lives

Very basic lessons on choosing and living wellness

Very hopeful

Powerful testimonial and valuable information on sustaining weight loss


  1. Reiki:Healing Through Balance (Rosemary & Alan Goto & Volunteers)        14 checks

Excellent workshop was in 4 responses

Loved the testimonials

Reiki opened my eyes to spiritual healing

To experience Reiki was really valuable

Well organized and effective teaching and treatment for many in such a short time

Made me want to help others


  1. Stress Transformation (Sr. Bitrina Kirway, M.M.)                                                6 checks

Great method for releasing stress that was easy enough

Gained specific and practical skills to enhance my wellness

Helped me get out of my social isolation due to busyness and stress

Heart math is an excellent learning tool

Am so grateful for this seminar

Very gracious teacher


4. Any suggestion for future workshops and their facilitators?

         The following topics for future workshops were offered:

           Nutrition, healthy cooking, herbalist   (3)                           

           Acupuncture and acupressure (2)

           Home safety, fall prevention, Project Dana (2)

           Volunteerism – ways to serve and be connected to our community

           Child obesity

           Greater emphasis on matters relating to youth and young families

           Mental illness, depression and bi-polarism

           Tom Tam’s Tongren Therapy

           Mindfulness meditation with Greg Pai


           Workshop dealing with loneliness

           Healing Through Music

           Art and Creative Arts therapy

           Adopt “Activate Aging” theme

           Bring in Craig Nakastuka, M.D. and Cullen Hayashida

           Overview of EES- Scaler Energy


5.  How would you improve today’s program?

     Have better sound system (4)

     Pre-check sound system

     Allow more time for workshops

     Print hand-outs for those who have difficulty hearing

     Pay attention to people with special needs

     Provide copies of speaker’s notes

     Add 2 more hours-to 5 pm- to allow attending 4 out of 8 workshops

     Larger room for workshops (Founders and Leigh Hooley Rooms were packed during one of their sessions)

     Allow for more time for practice

     Create healing hubs

     Provide bibliography for workshops so further research can be done

     Allow for more community bonding

     Important to develop social movement in community

     Add a speaker from the Blue Zones as a focus for plant-based diets


6. Kindly evaluate today’s lunch. What did you like/dislike?

As expected, the responses were overwhelmingly positive, with comments such as:


       Fresh and delicious!

       Loved it- tasty, nutritious and not heavy

       Excellent choices of salads and others dishes

       The best- quinoa

       Liked the fresh fruit salad the most

       Enjoyed it all


       A great buffet!

       Healthy and great variety

One person, however questioned whether the dim sum and noodles were necessary. “I could not eat it all.”


7. How did you find the time allotment and facilities?

 The over-all assessment was affirming and appreciative, with comments such as:

         Time management was excellent

         Perfect time allotment!

         Good scheduling

         Very well planned

         Any longer would be tiring

         Facilities were very good

         All worked for me

         Facilities were ideal – thank you!

         Intimate and relaxing in a cool garden setting. Please do not remove this event to a hotel.

         Very convenient location

         Thank you to all who planned a wonderful day!

However, in this section we also received comments that wanted more time for the workshops and more opportunities to attend more of them.  One noted that the morning session was not as dynamic as the rest of the program.

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